Power Train

Power train components must hold up high impact loads and frequent changes of direction and movement. CTP® takes under account all these demands using testing procedures that simulate real-world applications. We constantly improve our techniques to ensure our clients receive quality products with the best technology at a competitive edge in a price sensitive market. Our goal is to provide CTP high quality Power train parts that are durable and maximize the productivity of your machine.

The following are some of the CTP Power train replacement parts available:


Stators are located at the center of the Torque Converter. They redirect the fluid returning from the turbine before it hits the pump again, increasing the efficiency of the Torque Converter. CTP stocks a wide variety of Stators available to match and repair specific applications.


CTP carriers are produced from quality cast iron and tempered to remove any stress due to processing.


CTP provides large selection of high quality rugged drive chains and components to increase efficiency and resistance of your machine.

Joints & Spiders

CTP high quality universal joints and spider assemblies are available in a complete range of sizes for virtually any type of equipment or application.

Additional Information

Torque Converter: An essential part of your automatic transmission. They not only allow your vehicle to come to a complete stop without stalling the engine, but also provide more torque when accelerating out of a stop, ultimately, giving you more control over your machine’s movements.

Differential Assembly: A differential assembly of a machine includes a ring gear, first and second differential side gears and a plurality of pinions configured to mesh with the first and second side gears, and mounted on at least one pinion support pin.

Transmission: Is a critical part of a machine’s power train. Its function is to take the output from the engine and manipulate it to control speed, direction and torque. Using CTP Powertrain parts can help ensure longer life for your transmission and reduce machine downtime.