Our Quality with Value philosophy has made us evolve into a trustworthy brand that customers have come to expect and demand on their machines. At CTP we design and manufacture gaskets, unique bearings and specialty fasteners from materials that are engineered to withstand the high pressures and temperatures of today’s engines and equipment. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities, quick turnaround times, and large inventory of raw material along with our knowledgeable and technically-oriented professionals allow us to meet delivery requirements.

Gasket Manufacturing & Kit Assembly

As a gasket supplier we only use Interface Solutions Inc. Our Gaskets provide component integration, resulting in durability and reliability, with the quality and value CTP customers have come to expect. We use computer controlled cutting. Speed and accuracy enable us to supply gaskets quickly to our customers reducing downtime and loss of production. Also, we utilize both a clicker press and roller press to produce die cut gaskets. It is one of the most cost effective methods available for high volume.

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Made in USA

CTP has over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities where kits are assembled.

Kit Development


CTP has a manufacturing facilities where kits are assembled. Our team of certified diesel mechanics develops and assembles all engine kits to keep your machine running properly. Some of the Engine Kits we manufacture are as follows:

  • Piston Kits
  • Liner Kits
  • Connecting Rod Kits
  • Loaded Cylinder Heads
  • Inframe Overhaul Kits
  • Premium Overhaul Kits
  • Short, medium and Long Blocks
  • Complete engines

Machine Shop Production


Our customers deserve the highest quality products available. Industry standards represent just our minimum acceptable quality levels.

Testing and Inspection:

  • Hardness
  • Wedge Tensile
  • Axial Tensile
  • Proof Load
  • Machine Specimen
  • Plating Thickness
  • Rotational Capacity
  • Dimensional Analysis

Research and Development:
Through in house research and development, we have perfected the best formula of component materials and design, clearances, and assembly techniques. At CTP, we are constantly developing and improving new parts that are made of only the highest quality materials and manufactured to CTP specifications.

CTP manufacturing produces equipment parts, accessories, components and kits with state of the art equipment that includes:

  • Cylinder head valve and seat machine
  • Specialty grinders
  • Heavy duty hydraulic presses
  • Machining lathes
  • Vertical mills
  • Metal cutting band saws
  • Assembly equipment
  • Engine parts testing equipment

CTP can assemble a custom engine manufactured from 100% new components and built to the latest factory specifications. Each engine is built in our climate controlled engine assembly room where each component is measured and recorded as a part of our blueprinted assembly process.

CTP Cylinder Heads are assembled using blueprinting methods. Each cylinder heads is checked for dimensional accuracy, straightness and surface finish. The valve seats are micro finished and the assembled cylinder heads are vacuum leak tested to assure a positive valve to seat seal.

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