Becoming a Dealer

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a CTP Dealer!

The Costex Philosophy

Costex provides a consistently excellent product through cutting edge research and development. Our brand is the reputation we have spent years building and we are committed to stand apart by providing above and beyond service to our customers. Our customers as well as employees are compelling ambassadors of the CTP brand. Trust our commitment to premium products and excellent services.

To become a CTP Dealer, please fill out this form.

CTP Dealership Program Video

Advantages of becoming a Dealer

  • A strategic partnership with a brand that is recognized internationally.
  • A complete sales and marketing program customized to your area and needs
  1. Client referrals
  2. Co-Op program
  3. Warranty program
  4. Price protection

Access to Promotional Materials

  • Access to professionally prepared and customizable promotional materials such as
  1. Posters
  2. Brochures
  3. Product literature
  4. Newspaper ads
  5. Promotional Items
  6. Trade show assistance
  7. And more

General Requirements for becoming a CTP dealer

  1. Fulfill minimum purchase requirements according to the territory defined
  2. Maintain minimum inventory levels
  3. Place minimum initial order
  4. Accept resale pricing parameters
  5. Must maintain a minimum % increase in orders for each consecutive year
  6. Train parts sales personnel with respect to CTP products
  7. Distribute and promote the CTP brand through advertising, tradeshows, and the use of promotional materials.