Job Description

  • Industrial Engineer
  • October 29, 2019
  • October 29, 2019
  • October 29, 2019

Industrial Engineer Job Responsibilities:

The role isresponsible for finding ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes. Finding Efficient systems that integrateworkers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or provideservice.

IndustrialEngineer Job Duties

  • Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other information to understand methods that are applied and activities in manufacturing and services.
  • Figure out how to manufacture parts or products or deliver services with maximum efficiency.
  • Develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis efficient.
  • Design control systems to coordinate activities and production planning in order to ensure that products meet quality standards.
  • Consult with clients about product specifications, vendors about purchases, management personnel about manufacturing Capabilities, and staff about the status of projects.

IndustrialEngineer Skills and Qualifications:

· Bachelor’sin Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Manufacturing Engineer

· MovingHeavy Parts with manufacturing plants

· Deliveringgoods from a company to customers including finding the most profitable placesto locate manufacturing or processing plants

Job Type: Full-time