cat 1r-0750


The CTP 1R0750 Advanced Efficiency Fuel Filter is the highest quality Cat® 1R-0750 Replacement Fuel Filter available on the aftermarket. Designed to remove the small contaminants that cause the most harm to engines, the 1R0750 is rated at 99% efficiency for particle removal and 10,000 miles replacement.

80% of all fuel system related failures are directly related to contaminated or poorly filtered fuel. All fuel filters remove some particles, but a lot of filters are simply not effective enough at capturing and filtering particles that are damaging to fuel systems. Caterpillar® engines experience optimum performance using CTP fuel filters. With today’s tight tolerance injectors and engine components, it’s more important than ever to keep your engine as free from particulates as possible.

CTP’s quality testing ensures that our 1R0750 fuel filter provides superior protection while still providing a valuable replacement for the Cat® 1R-0750.

1R0750 Features:

  • 99% High Efficiency 3 Micron Filter – Cellulose Media (non-metallic)
  • Outer Diameter: 3.66 Inches (93 MM)
  • Thread Size: 1-14 UN
  • Length: 6.97 Inches (177 MM)
  • Gasket OD: 2.83 Inches (72 MM)
  • Gasket ID: 2.44 Inches (62 MM)
  • Type: Secondary
  • Style: Spin On

Fuel Filter Cross Reference:

Aqua Power 6016 – Baldwin BF7633 – Cameco CB01405912 – Caterpillar 1R-0750Coopers Fiaam FSM4211 – Donaldson P551313, P551740 – Fleetguard FF5320 – Fleetrite FFR85245, FFR85320 – Fram P8334 – Greyfriars 878S – Ingersoll Rand 35310549 – Kralinator F398 – Luberfiner LFF3347 – Purolator Facet 6940233, F65213 – Sakura FC5507, FC-5507 – Sure Filter SFF1313 – Wix 33528, 33528MP – Woodgate WGF5245

Machine and Engine Applications:


D4E, D6RLGP, D6HLGP, D5H, D6, 215, 330, 816B, D250E, 120G(3304 Eng.), 12G(3306 Eng.), 12H; 12H ES; 12H NA(3306 Eng.), 130G(3304 Eng.), 140G(), 140H; 140H ES; 140H NA(), 143H(3306 Eng.), 14G(3306 Eng.), 14H; 14H NA(3306 Eng.), 160H; 160H ES; 160H NA(3306 Eng.), 160G(3306 Eng.), 163H(3306 Eng.), 206B(3114 Eng.), 212B(3114 Eng.), 211B(3114 Eng.), 213B(3116 Eng.), 214B; 214BFT(3116 Eng.), 224B(3116 Eng.), 235B; 235C; 235D(3306 Eng.), 3114, 3114(), 3116(), 3116, 311D LRR(C4.2 Eng.), 3176(), 3116(3116TA), 315D L(C4.2 Eng.), 319D(C4.2 Eng.), 320D; 320D L(C6.4 Eng.), 3204(), 3208(), 3208, 330; 330L; 330LN(3306 Eng.), 3306(), 3306; 3306B(), 3306B, 3306C(Cat 3306C Eng.), 3304(), 3304; 3304B(), 3304; 3304B(3304, 3304B Eng.), 3304B, 3306, 330B; 330B L(3306 Eng.), 3406;3406B;3406C, 3512; 3512B(), 350; 350L(3306 Eng.), 3516;3516B(), 446 Backhoe/Loader(3114 Eng.), 446B Loader(3114 Eng.), 517(Cat 3304 Eng.), 518C(3304 Eng.), 515(), 525(3304 Eng.), 530B Grapple Skidder(Cat 3306 Eng.), 528B(3306 Eng.), 545 Skidder(3306 Eng.), 572G(), 572R(3306 Eng.), 613B; 613C(3116 Eng.), 613C(3208 Eng.), 613C(3116 Eng.), 611(3306 Eng.), 615C(3306 Eng.), 627; 627B(), 627E(3406 Eng.), 627E(3306 Eng.), 627F(3406B Eng.), 627G(3306 Eng.), 637G(3306 Eng.), 639D(3306 Eng.), 637D(3306 Eng.), 637E(3306 Eng.), 777D(3508B Eng.), 776D(3508B Eng.), 784C(3512 Eng.), 793C(3516B Eng.), 785C(3512B Eng.), 785D(3512C Eng.), 789C(3516B Eng.), 797B(3524B Eng.), 814B(3306 Eng.), 814F(3306 Eng.), 815B Compactor(3306 Eng.), 815F(), 815F Compactor(3306 Eng.), 816B(3306 Eng.), 816F(), 918F Wheel Loader(3114 Eng.), 910E(3114 Eng.), 910F Wheel Loader(3114T Eng.), 936F Wheel Loader(3304 Eng.), 950B; 950E(3304 Eng.), 953B Track Loader(3116 Eng.), 966D; 966E(3306 Eng.), 966F(3306 Eng.), 966G(3306 Eng.), 973(3306 Eng.), 970F(3306 Eng.), 972G(3306 Eng.), 973C Loader(3306 Eng.), 994F(3516B Eng.), 994H(3516B Eng.), AP1050(Cat 3116 Eng.), AP1000(Cat 3116 DIT Eng.), CB434(Cat 3114T Eng.), CB531; CS531(3116 Eng.), CB534(Cat 3304), CB583; CS583(3116 Eng.), CB634C(3116 Eng.), Challenger 65;Challenger 65B(), Challenger 65C; Challenger 65D(3306 Eng.), Challenger 70C(3306 Eng.), CP533; CS533(3116 Eng.), CP563;CS563(3116 Eng.), D300B;D300D(3306 Eng.), D300E(3306 Eng.), D250E; D250E Series II(3306 Eng.), D25D; D30D(3306 Eng.), D350D(3306 Eng.), D4H; D4H XL Series III, D4HTSK Series III(3304 Eng.), D5E(3306 Eng.), D5H; D5H LGP(3304 Eng.), D5HTSK(3304 Eng.), D6D; D6D SR(3306 Eng.), D6E; D6E SR(3306 Eng.), D6F SR; D6G SR(3306 Eng.), D6G XL Series II(3306 Eng.), D6H Series II; D6H LS Series II; D6H XL Series II; D6H XR Series II(3306 Eng.), D6H; D6H XR(3306 Eng.), D6R; D6R LGP; D6R XL; D6R XR, D7G Series II(3306 Eng.), D7H; D7H Series II(3306 Eng.), D7R; D7RL(3306 Eng.), E300B; EL300B(3306T Eng.), IT12B(3204 Eng.), IT12F(3204 Eng.), IT14B(3114 Eng.), IT14F(3114T Eng.), IT18F(3114 Eng.), PR1000C Cold Planer(3208 Eng.), PS500(3208 Eng.), R1300; R1300G(3306 Eng.), RM500; 527(3304 Eng.), RT80; RT100(3114T Eng.), W345B(3176C Eng.), W330B; W330B MH(3306 Eng.)


C6H042 Kodiak; C7H042 Kodiak; C7H064 Kodiak (Cat 3116 Eng.)


C8000; CF8000; CFT8000; CT8000; F8000; FT8000; L8000; LN8000; LNT8000; LS8000; LT8000(Cat 3208 Eng.), CT8000(Cat 3208 Eng.), LT9000(Cat 3306 Eng.)


Century C112(Cat 3176 Eng.), Century C120(Cat 3306 Eng.), Columbia 120(Cat 3176 Eng.), FL60(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLA(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLA(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLC(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLC(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLD(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLB(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLL(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLL(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLT(Cat 3306 Eng.)


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